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MasterCard is one of the biggest credit card networks in the world. As such they have a large client base that constantly uses their cards and those clients must be protected from fraud. MasterCard cards have chips inside them that drastically reduce the chance for credit card fraud, up to the point that it is nearly non-existent. Additionally banks protect their clients in case their card information falls into criminal hands. They compensate clients in the event that someone drains their card or uses it in unintended ways.

Then again, let us not forget about the Mastercard SecureCode, which adds another layer of safety to players’ Mastercard payments. In its essence, this is an additional 3D Secure code offered by some Mastercard issuers. When you apply for one such code, you will be issued a special PIN you need to enter each time you initiate a deposit to your favorite online casino.

When you enroll for your PIN (which you choose yourself), you must confirm your identity as a card owner by providing answers to several security questions. This code poses as an additional barrier that hinders fraudsters from tapping into your banking information and a large number of online casinos have already adopted it.

MasterCard gift cards are an excellent option for people wanting to test online gambling for the first time. They are available in every store and ready to use out of the box.

Different Types of MasterCard

MasterCard comes in various types with different privileges. Regardless, you can use all of them to make purchases and any other types of payments. They are the following:

  • Standard MasterCard — this card is ideal for those who simply want to cover their daily expenses using the card. However, it comes with no liability protection from any unauthorized purchases you make.
  • Gold MasterCard — this card is intended to provide customers with an even bigger purchasing power, but it also comes with huge MasterCard rewards each time you make a payment. This card is often used by travelers as well as people who frequent hotels and any other entertainment venues.
  • Platinum MasterCard — this card offers its users with more benefits and rewards, along with other features that aim to offer them better purchase protection and more.
  • World MasterCard — the World MasterCard is ideal for those who travel a lot. It comes with enhanced price protection, ID theft protection, and a whole lot more.
  • World Elite MasterCard — this card is ideal for personal and business customers who want to enjoy a luxurious experience whenever they travel. It also comes with a great range of extras and discounts, along with some other bonuses.

How to Make a MasterCard Casino Deposit

Making a deposit at a MasterCard casino is easy. The process is fast, taking less than five minutes. MasterCard Worldwide uses the latest encryption techniques, so transactions are secure and private. If you have questions or concerns, read through the instructions below as a guide to depositing with MasterCard credit or debit car at an online casino.

5 Steps to Making a Deposit with Mastercard


Sign Up

Register for a casino account, if you are not a player at a real money online casino. Once you’re a member, click on the Cashier page.


Fill out the information

Fill in the spaces on the online registration form. Sign-up is simple and obtrusive, with questions restricted to name, username, address, and email address.


Select Visa Deposit Method

A list of deposit options are going to be available. Select MasterCard from the options. Fill in the credit card number and 3-digit activation code.


Select the Deposit Amount

Select the amount you want to deposit and verify before clicking. Take advantage of any bonus offers that are available. Most online casinos offer bonuses for first deposits.


Complete the Transaction and Play

You’ll have to wait a few seconds up to a few minutes for the transaction to be successful. Most deposits appear within instants. Once you’ve funded the account, start playing.

How It Works

MasterCard credit and debit cards offer all the benefits that we’ve started to associate with such cards. Most importantly, all of MasterCard’s products are incredibly easy to use. After all, you don’t even need to make any special accounts in order to be able to pay with your MasterCard cards at all the different merchants.

All you need to do is enter your credentials, your credit card number and the security code. After you authorize your payment, it will be processed instantaneously, meaning that you won’t have to wait for long days, which is what you’re usually going to get with regular bank transfers.

Paying at offline merchants is also very simple – in fact, you should even be able to get a contactless card that will allow you to pay smaller amounts even without you having to enter your PIN. This may sound banal enough, but you wouldn’t believe how much time it can save you.

The Benefits Of Banking with MasterCard

When you select a MasterCard online casino you’ll enjoy quite a few benefits. First of all, you’ll only
have to put in your number and expiration date in order to make a deposit. Not only that but you’ll be
able to play at most of the British casino options that you consider, because credit cards like MasterCard
are accepted at more locations than anything else.

Finally, as a UK player you’ll enjoy real money protection with your card against fraudulent charges. That
means the online MasterCard casino can’t simply drain your entire balance because it wants to. Instead
you’ll be protected and can play online safely.

If you’re from the United Kingdom, MasterCard is one of the best options available for security,
fast transactions, and better bankroll management of your casino account.

Considerations When Opting For MasterCard Casinos

When choosing to bank with a MasterCard casino, players should ensure they are aware of the fees that are expected by their financial institution when doing so. Interest is often added to the amounts spent on these cards, and in cases where payments are not made in a timely manner, customers could end up owing more than they initially expected. It is important for players to ensure they are aware of these terms and conditions, which should be made clear to them when they sign up for the card.

MasterCard online casinos provide players with a safe and secure payment method for their online deposits and withdrawals. This facility is a reliable one, but it also requires that players take charge of their financial situation to prevent overspending. A player who wants to ensure that they get the most out of the casino they register with should ensure they pick only the best establishments in which to make their deposits and withdrawals.

Online Casino Listings has provided players with the highest quality MasterCard casinos in the industry. For more information on where to make your deposits and withdrawals, please refer to this comprehensive and ever-growing list of establishments.

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Other Important Things

If you want to use Mastercard to withdraw money, casinos might treat it in the same way they treat many payment methods. You can only withdraw an amount equal to what you have deposited. This means that you will have a significant balance in your casino account that you cannot take out because casinos will only allow you to withdraw the rest to an e-wallet.

If this happens when you use Mastercard in online casinos, you can send an email to the customer service support to make an adjustment or waive this policy for you. Keep in mind that the casino will only override this policy at its own discretion.

The best way to work around this situation is by creating an e-wallet that offers Mastercard. This way, you can withdraw your funds to your e-wallet without limitations and use your card to cash it out from an ATM.

In terms of mobility, there is a mobile app for this brand but you can also access its website without download on any browser. The app is available on both Android and iTunes.

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Использование банковских карт в онлайн казино


Такие многофункциональные платежные инструменты широко применяются для внесения средств на депозитные счета в онлайн казино. Для их использования не нужны дополнительные сервисы, взимающие комиссии за перевод денег. Все операции по перечислению выполняются моментально, владельцу нужно лишь в определенном окне внести номер карты, свои данные и CVV-код. В разных казино минимальный размер депозита, который можно переводить с помощью банковских карт варьируется от 5 до 10 USD.

В странах, где есть запрет на деятельность азартных игровых заведений, могут заблокировать прохождение платежей по оплате услуг online-казино. Очень немногие игровые площадки предлагают дополнительные бонусы или призы за пополнение счета через дебетовые или кредитные карты.

Преимущества платежей в онлайн казино по банковским картам

Данный финансовый инструмент является одним из самых быстрых, комфортных и безопасных средств пополнения счетов в азартных игровых залах. Карты VISA или MasterCard обслуживаются, практически, во всем мире. Для работы с ними не нужно помнить никаких акаунтов или паролей. Достаточно взять саму карту и на ней есть все необходимые реквизиты для перечисления средств. Игроки онлайн казино ценят банковские карты за:

  • Высокую скорость переводов. Все суммы на карту или с нее перечисляются практически моментально.
  • Надежность. Дополнительные сервисы безопасности Verified by Visa или обеспечивают высокий уровень защиты проведения денежных операций и защиту персональных данных клиентов.
  • Отличный сервис. Система позволяет легко выполнять перевод любых сумм с помощью лишь нескольких реквизитов.
  • Возможность работы с разными валютами. Банковские карты могут выпускаться в определенной валюте, либо поддерживать мультивалютные расчеты.

Возможности выводе средств из казино через карты Visa

В разных online-казино существуют свои правила обслуживания владельцев карт Visa или MasterCard. Например — Игроки не могут пополнять депозит через чужую карту.

При проведении транзакций система безопасности казино автоматически сверяет персональные данные клиента, введенные при регистрации на сайте, с реквизитами платежной карты. Когда в службе безопасности казино зафиксируют пополнение игроком своего депозита через чужую карту, с него потребуют массу объяснительных документов. Если он не сможет дать соответствующие подтверждения легальности такой операции ему будет заблокирован аккаунт и закрыт баланс депозитного счета. Рекомендуется внимательно заполнять индивидуальные данные во время регистрации в казино и вносить только правдивую информацию.

К недостаткам работы в казино через сервисы банковских карт можно отнести довольно сложный процесс контроля расходования средств на самих картах. В некоторых казино берут дополнительную комиссию за перечисление средств с помощью карт Visa или MasterCard. Некоторые казино принимают средства с банковских карт, но не разрешают выводить деньги через них. Данное правило обязательно прописывается в условиях работы с игровыми залами. На таких площадках выигрыши можно выводить через другие системы: Вебмани, Скрилл, Яндекс.Деньги и пр. Полный перечень таких сервисов есть в каждом описании казино.


Использование банковских карт Visa или MasterCard позволяет удобно и быстро оплачивать услуги казино и оперативно выводить заработанные выигрыши. Необходимость полной верификации данных с внесением персональных данных является достаточно неудобным моментом для некоторых игроков.

Credit Card Casino Sites в Tested by Pumba

As you are reading thing article, so I have no doubts that you are hunting for the best MasterCard online gambling houses on the net. I have many things to recommend. Initially, let me familiarize you with the types of the cards that you can apply for making virtual payments.

The Standard one goes first. It is for the average client, who has the stable profit and some activity history in the bank. Using it, you can arrange all classic operations: get cash at the ATM, top up the casino balance, send and receive money.


The next is Electronic item. Fast and secure transactions are the advantages. Compared to the debit card, this one is a full-fledged credit unit with the intentionally down-sized functionality for high security level. So, apart from the unique design, the product allows the full 100% electronic authorization. There are also the floor limits.

Gold type is the privileged one for the players who demand more benefits compared to the standard expenditure limits and higher degree of service. There are about 25% of the thrill-seekers who request for this kind. Platinum is the item for those who make business trips and require really top level of support.

15-20% of the users are the keepers of this item. There is the proposition for people who wish the individual banking service and it is World Signia. It is for those whose profit composes not less than $160,000 annually. So, I hope this information was helpful for you and now you know which card to choose for online gambling relying on the description above.

Advantages Disadvantages of Using MasterCard for Casino Deposits

With MasterCard gambling becomes much safer. How about the credit card with ? This online payment method significantly decreases the risk that your money would be stolen. By using MasterCard casino deposit can make an online loan and repay it afterward. With MasterCard gambling deposit can be made in an easy and fast way. You do not have to enter your card number every time you need to make a transaction. Online casinos will automatically remember your MasterCard details.

✘ Since, when using this payment method, you can play with money borrowed from your bank, this precisely the reason why at MasterCard online casinos you risk overspending. ✘ Another disadvantage is that when online casinos that accept MasterCard are hacked all the banking details are revealed.

Privacy and Security

Although MasterCard doesn’t provide any additional layers of privacy per se, that alone doesn’t mean anything. Once again, it’s all down to the issuer you’re going to go with. Bank-issued MasterCard cards will naturally be firmly tied to your bank account, so your transactions will show up on your bank statements and may come into play during certain credit checks. Meanwhile, cards issued by online wallets like Skrill will always stay well away from your bank accounts.

As far as security is concerned, MasterCard is constantly updating its security protocols and it’s also offering a two-step payment authorization system, called SecureCode (similar to the Verified By Visa system) which means that it’s up to par with the rest of the competition in this particular department.

MasterCard FAQ

Is MasterCard safe enough to be used in casinos?
If safety is the number one priority for you then choose those casino sites that accept MasterCard.
Are there any extra fees to be paid?
With MasterCard you do not have to pay any extra fees apart from those applied by your bank and online casino.
What are some alternative payment methods to MasterCard?
Apart from MasterCard online casino platforms accept a variety of other payment methods. Among those which have recently become popular among the online users are iDebit and InstaDebit. With Visa casino players can make fast and secure transactions all around the world. These are also that offer a high degree of safety for their users.
Do casinos accept prepaid MasterCard?
Prepaid MasterCard is a viable option to make deposits in online casinos since you will ensure a better safety of your banking details and avoid overspending.
What are some of the top MasterCard casinos?
Among the best MasterCard casinos are Jackpot City, Spin Palace and Betway.

MasterCard Casinos

Towards the end of twentieth century, MasterCard was an option for placing the funds into casino account thereby enabling virtual casino players to play in exchange of real money. However, after few years, different online payment alternative came into picture providing real online credit card services at casinos. Since then the use of debit cards and credit cards are thought to be as the most well-liked mode of payment at all the MasterCard Casinos. This procedure is popular due to its simplicity and convenience of payment.

Procedure of Getting MasterCard Accepted

Using MasterCard casinos payment is a bit complicated task. Firstly, the MasterCard website will verify the credit cards of casino players prior to their using of card to deposit funds into the account. This includes sending the Xerox of the front and back side of the MasterCard, accompanied by a legitimate photographic identity. The card will be temporarily blocked till the time confirmation is complete by the casino authorities. This is just for the security purpose to safeguard the credit card company against cases of card fraud. All Master Cards used must be on the name of casino account holder and not be associated to a business in any way.

Universal Acceptability

These Master Cards come with many benefits that their users can gain. First and foremost, these cards are internationally accepted and that is why deal in varied currencies. Making online MasterCard casinos payments is the handiest methods of all. The personal information of debit or credit card holder is simply inserted at the concerned site to facilitate quick transfer of funds. Debit and credit cards are something which people already hold so no extra provisions need to be made so as to make cash deposit or transfer. The main advantage debit or credit card lies in the speed of transaction. Adding to it, convenience is also a major advantage for these credit cards.

Safe and Secure Mode of Payment

No extra fee is charged by MasterCard casinos for payment processing. Further, the payment can be made online as well as over the phone. Both the methods are safe enough to be carried out. All details are encoded by using standard security techniques at the time of entrance into the system. That is why the particulars given remain protected. Only the staff can view a fragment of the information provided for security reasons.

Flexible Method of Payment

The transactions by way of credit cards are quick as there is no mediator involved. An admirable quality of these cards is that the funds may take time in reaching the casino but the transferred amount is honored by the MasterCard casinos immediately. Credit cards have no restrictions on the number of cards used as such. Card holders can use multiple cards for fund transfer to the casino making them a flexible alternative.

Master cards are considered to be long term method for the gambling industry. This is because with a debit card the holder is using his own money from his bank account. This ensures safety of the banks also as they are not exposed to any risk. This makes them the most widely accepted methods for online casino players.

Start Playing Online

USA Mastercard online casinos on our list offer excellent, varied gambling action that is backed up by safe and reliable software. And because we are constantly checking and updating our data, you know that you can always return here to make sure you are spending your money at the best US online casinos. Accepting MasterCard might be standard practice, but the US casinos we show you here stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

Not only will you find online casinos that accept Mastercard for US players, but these sites have everything that make your playing experience the best it can be. Our reviewers actually join each site we test and download the software to be sure it works well. Then they look for USA Mastercard online casinos that have excellent graphics and great game variety so you will always find the games you love when you’re ready to play. Playing casino games online is a great way to enjoy your time whenever you have a few minutes to spare. There’s no driving to casinos, dealing with crowds, or having to schedule the trips into your busy life. Our US online casinos are there for you anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection. Fund these sites with your Mastercard and you can play during a long commute, on a break from work or when you can finally relax at night. There’s never a time that your personal online casino account won’t be ready and waiting for you to play and

So start playing in the best Mastercard casinos that accept Mastercard payments. You want to know where the best action is amongst every casino that accepts MasterCard and we have found it for you. Now all you need to do is make a deposit and start hitting those jackpots.

For more information about Mastercard, visit the .

Known IssuesProblems

Although using MasterCard cards is usually a hassle-free experience, some of you might definitely not enjoy how little privacy bank-issued cards offer. Secondly, some online casinos and sportsbooks impose fees on those who use credit cards as their deposit method, although – thankfully – their numbers have been steadily decreasing in recent years. Finally, as we said above most online casinos and bookmakers will not allow direct withdrawals to MasterCard cards, which means that you’ll have to give them your bank account credentials in order to get your withdrawal processed electronically, or else choose the check in the post route.

It should definitely be noted that you can get rid of some of these issues by using an online wallet as the middleman. You can simply top up your online wallet account from your credit or debit card and only then use that money for other payments. That will not only grant you additional layers of privacy and security, but you’ll also have no problems getting your money back from online casinos and bookmakers. You might have to stomach certain fees, however.

Frequently Asked Questions

Running a casino site means that we receive lots of questions about online gambling, particularly payment options! Here are some of the FAQ we hear about using MasterCard:

Is it safer to use a credit card over a debit card?

Yes, in that credit cards offer more protection than their debit counterparts — should a casino go bankrupt, take your money or refuse to pay out, credit card providers will usually help you recover your cash. It’s worth noting here that this will be at the credit card company’s discretion in countries where online gambling isn’t permitted.

Is MasterCard the best choice?

Accepted at thousands of casinos, and with a track record of offering outstanding customer service, MasterCard is definitely one of the best options to let you start gambling quickly and safely.

Am I safe playing online with my MasterCard?

Yes! Both MasterCard and the card issuer have security measures in place to keep you safe and protect against online fraud and identity theft. It’s still worth keeping an eye on your account statement though, as there’s always a tiny chance of issues arising when you spend online.

Will I have to pay charges on deposits and withdrawals?

Sometimes. A quick glance at the site in question will tell you about any fees associated with using MasterCard as a deposit or withdrawal option. Of course, if you don’t pay off the minimum balance on your credit card in good time you may also incur late payments in this way.

What makes the above casinos more suitable for MasterCard users?

We’ve verified that using MasterCard at the above casinos is quick and painless, with no waiting around for screening or security checks. This means that you can create an account and start playing in just a couple of minutes!

Can I change my payment method after setting up the account?

Withdrawing from Online Casinos

It is worth noting that Mastercard has adopted its own policies in regard to online gambling. Players from jurisdictions where online gambling is illegal and unregulated may hit a snag when attempting to withdraw via Mastercard. If you are a resident of a country like the United States where gambling on games of chance on the web is largely prohibited, your Mastercard withdrawal may not go through. Banks in the country, including the issuers of Mastercard products, have been instructednot to process payments to such cards should the transaction come from a gambling website.

How do these gambling transactions get recognized as such, though? It all started with Mastercard attaching MCCs (Merchant Category Code) as a means of distinguishing different types of gambling activities along with the level of risk they entail. For instance, online gambling operators offering products that involve skills to win, eg. poker, have codes 7994 and 7999 attached to them. These are considered low and medium-risk activities by Mastercard.

Gambling operators offering games of chance fall under the category of high-risk gaming providers and as such have the code 7995 attached to their transactions. This causes the withdrawals from such websites to get blocked whenever the transfer was made to a country where online gambling is prohibited.

As of 2015, Mastercard has introduced several new codes of this type that make it possible to distinguish between licensed and unlicensed gambling providers in a given jurisdiction. Online lotteries run by the government have a code of 7800 whereas the code 7802 pertains to licensed horse and dog racing operations. Licensed online casinos have a code 7801 attached to them. Still, if you are a resident of the US who plans on gambling at an offshore licensed casino, we would recommend you not to risk it and go for another method of payment where you will not struggle with having your payments declined.

It is worth noting that MasterCard has taken a stance against withdrawing from online casinos. If the casino still offers the MasterCard option for withdrawing, you must have first deposited using the same MasterCard.

Get a MasterCard Credit Card

Your current banking institution is probably the best placed source to issue a MasterCard credit card for you: ask your account representative to tell you about the MasterCard offers which are available at your local branch.

Even though some banks charge fees for the use of a MasterCard credit card, the advantages of this payment option are so big that you would still be better off. In fact, if you already have a credit card which is member of the MasterCard network, you do not need to open any account at any other third party.

That means, no additional user ID and password, no fear for disclosing personal and confidential data, no dealings with one more financial group: MasterCard keeps you from all this, since you can just take your current card (if you have one) and pay online at any MasterCard casinos. And if you do not have one any, there is rarely a reason why you shouldn’t be able to get one at your bank. MasterCard (and MasterCard casino) withdrawals are allowed in certain countries.

Обзор платежной системы MasterCard для операций с казино


Компания Mastercard начала свою деятельность в 1966 году и на сегодняшний день действует более чем в 200 странах по всему миру. О том как оформить данную пластиковую карту можно прочитать на сайте компании или узнать в любом из банков. Отметим только основные типы Mastercard.

Кредитная карта отличается тем, что деньги лежащие на ней принадлежат банку, а владелец карты как бы берет их в пользование и обязан вернуть

Важно отметить, что практически все кредитные карты Mastercard имеют функцию автоматического возобновления кредитного лимита. Это говорит о том, что пользователю карты не нужно ждать дня списания задолженности, достаточно внести минимальную сумму, которая прописана в договоре и можно продолжать пользоваться картой

Плюсы платежной системы MasterCard

  • Простота в использовании
  • Часто встречается в онлайн казино

Недостатки платежной системы MasterCard

  • Не всегда возможно вывести выигрыш
  • Необходимость указывать данные карты

Дебетовые карты имеют принципиальное отличие от кредитных – деньги лежащие на счету принадлежат клиенту и он может распоряжаться ими по своему усмотрению.

Третий вариант называется предоплаченные карты – это карты с определенной суммой. После того как деньги заканчиваются, можно приобрести новую карту.

Пластиковые карты Mastercard можно использовать в самых разных местах, например в магазинах, гостиницах, ресторанах, в интернете и, конечно же, в онлайн .

Advantages of Using MasterCard for MasterCard Payments

MasterCard comes with several amazing advantages which made it one of the most trusted credit card payment options around the world, particularly when it comes to making deposits in an online casino. The advantages of using MasterCard for an online casino transaction are as follow:

1. Excellent Security

One of the reasons why MasterCard is preferred by most people and is offered by most online casinos, even the best new casinos online, is because of their excellent security. They combine their security with the secure encryption software that reliable online casinos have. Through this, you can make sure your personal information and transaction details are kept safe.

2. Ease of Use

Making MasterCard payments on an online casino is indeed very easy. You simply need to input your card and billing information, and you’re good to go.

3. Availability in Almost All Online Casinos

b3748bb4821e90f3c00a1e13ea50891f.jpgAlmost all online casinos that accept will accept MasterCard. And while some sites will mention which credit cards they don’t accept, MasterCard won’t be one of them. Through this, you can easily pick the best MasterCard casino out there without the need to worry about any other alternative payment options.

4. Multiple Options

MasterCard is available in many different types, as mentioned earlier. This allows you to pick which card you want in order to satisfy your requirements. You can choose to enjoy certain MasterCard rewards such as a cash back program, or a zero annual fee. Aside from that, MasterCard also comes with debit and prepaid cards for you to choose from.

5. Casino-Friendly

A good benefit of using MasterCard for making deposits to your online casino account is that there’s little to no hassle at all during your transaction. Basically, you can use your card for almost anything as long as it’s not illegal. And as long as a casino is regulated, they will definitely accept MasterCard as a payment option.

Despite having lost a lot of popularity due to the arrival of online casino payment options, MasterCard is still regarded as one of the most well-used option for depositing funds on an online casino. The said advantages above are more than enough to make you choose MasterCard for your online casino transactions.

Start playing your favourite online casino games, make a deposit thru MasterCard now!


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How Master Card casino work

Master Card functions as a virtual payment system. It provides customers with a convenient system for making payments and accepting funds in the user’s preferred currency. One of the biggest advantages of MasterCard is that the MasterCard credit or debit card is linked to the user’s local UK bank account which facilitates easy and convenient supervision of funds.

The Master Card owner receives the Master Card credit or debit card from his local bank. If the card is a credit card, the card holder can make payments directly or on credit for any goods or services, using the Master Card. If the card is a debit card, the payments will only be approved if the card holder has the relevant funds in his bank account.

Getting started with MasterCard

To start using MasterCard, request a MasterCard from your local financial institution – your bank, Savings and Loans or credit union. The MasterCard links your payments to your bank account, enabling you to make payments at any MasterCard – affiliated Merchant.

If you have a MasterCard credit card you can make payments on credit and pay off those payments in installments. If you have a MasterCard debit card, your payments won’t be processed unless you have matching funds in your bank account. In such a case your payments are immediately deducted from your bank balance. If you’re using your MasterCard to facilitate your deposits for your casino games, you’ll be able to withdraw your deposits and accept your winnings via your personal casino account at any time of the day or night.

MasterCard features 24/7 service to ensure that you’ll be able to access your online casino games and play for real money at any time of the day or night.

Making your decision

When you play real money online casino games, one of the first decisions that you need to make involves your preferred ebanking solution. You will want to choose a method that offers easy navigation, 24/7 access, full consumer support and an interface that that gives you easy and user-friendly tools that you can use to conduct all of your casino e-banking transactions.

The Master Card banking method provides all those services and more. MasterCard is one of the most trusted digital banking institutions, serving millions of affiliated vendors and hundreds of millions of customers around the world.

When you make MasterCard deposits at online casinos and withdraw your deposits to your MasterCard you’ll be able to link your transactions to other online financial activity and use your winnings for any preferred purchases of goods and services in any currency, anywhere in the world.

MasterCard Casinos

df3b4c6dc9cdb680a6fd8cc5405cb4a8.pngAll online casinos that accept credit card deposits will also most likely accept MasterCard as one the different cards permitted to make direct payments to your account. When you talk about credit cards, two names usually pop up, VISA and MasterCard, so when you see this same option on the banking methods of a US online casino, it will be the same. Seeing as how a lot of sites accept these credit cards, which would you actually choose to play on? There are certain factors that players should follow to narrow down their go-to gaming site.

To provide players with an idea of what a good MasterCard casino is, I’ve included recommendations for an online MasterCard casino for both American and international gamblers. There’s more to the equation than simply accepting deposits from MasterCard. A site also needs to have a lot of popular games, fast withdrawals, and a big bonus offer.

Ignition Casino

25920ed23eb9cb8a84c3f67b09435ff7.pngIgnition Casino is the best online casino accepting MasterCard which also welcomes American real money players. Ignition Casino provides games from the top developers in the US gaming market, including RTG and Rival. Ignition Casino offers a $3,000 welcome bonus and a 72-hour withdrawal process.

Club World Casinos

978172f51e0dc7f58e567b5bdf5cf79b.jpg is our pick for international players. 32 Red offers the popular gaming inventory of Microgaming, so it has over 400 trusted games with certified RTP percentages. The deposit bonus is only ВЈ300, 150%, but high rollers will like that the withdrawal limits are $120,000 a week. 32red’s customer service is also considered among the best in the business.


Microgaming Casinos and MasterCard Payments

Starting in 2010, Microgaming websites like All Slots started asking gamblers to start using their Visa card instead of MasterCard for online payments. MasterCard began adding restrictions to transactions going to online casinos. This is a trend that might continue, but many of the larger, more famous Microgaming casinos continue to use MasterCard. For instance,В , Ladbrokes Games, Spin Palace, and Roxy Palace allow gamblers to pay using MasterCard. Certain restrictions might apply, though. For instance, Spin Palace Casino allows MasterCard deposits, but not withdrawals. On the other hand, Roxy Palace Casino allows withdrawals, but not deposits using MasterCard.

How We Tested Rated the Sites

Why you should read this page to find a MasterCard online casino

As one of the most secure payment methods, it’s no surprise gamblers look for the MasterCard logo at online casinos. A fast, convenient payment option isn’t the only thing that matters when gambling. You need to know your money and private info is safe. Our team of casino experts has found the best websites to use your MasterCard and win real cash.

Our recommended casinos:

  • Customer Service — Offer 24/7 support in multiple languages

  • Regulated — Are licensed and regulated in trusted jurisdictions

  • Reviewed — Have passed our high standard testing to be listed on this site

  • Security — Highest security measures to protect your personal details

  • Deposit Options — Multiple Deposit Options for Players

  • Payout — Best Payout Percentages

Online casinos accepting MasterCard

RankCasino SiteRatingBonusKey Featuresplay

5.0 rating

2635 players registered

Casino Heroes


600 Extra Spins

  • Unique loyalty program
  • Payouts within a few hours
  • Great selection of games

5.0 rating

1666 players registered

Wixtars Casino


50 Extra Spins

  • One of the best loyalty programs
  • Genereous welcome bonus
  • Extremely fast withdrawals

5.0 rating

1139 players registered

PlayFrank Casino


50 Extra Spins

  • Daily challenges, and loyalty rewards
  • Extensive games portfolio
  • Bonuses for new and existing players

5.0 rating

612 players registered



50 Extra Spins

  • Rich selection of classic slots
  • Safe and reliable operator
  • Premium VIP offer for loyal players

5.0 rating

1071 players registered

Fun Casino


111 Extra Spins

  • Huge welcome bonus
  • 24 hours cashouts
  • High number of jackpot slots

5.0 rating

1139 players registered

Casumo Casino


20 Spins No Deposit

  • Simple 2-step registration
  • Multiple games providers
  • Weekly promotions

How to Deposit to Online Casinos with Mastercard

There are various ways to secure a Mastercard for casinos. Here are a few:

  • Got to a bank and apply for a credit card.
  • Have a bank account and apply for a debit card.
  • Create an e-wallet in companies that offer it as a debit card.

Once you have your physical card with you, choose an online casino with Mastercard as a payment option. Once the registration process is over, simply go to the cashier section of your casino account and choose it as a payment method.

Now you can go back to the casino lobby, select either live games, table games, or slot machines to play. You can also get a if you are eligible.

Note that not all casinos accept it. Some casinos also impose a limit to how much you can deposit if you use it. Another thing to keep in mind is that your deposit may be subjected to fees when you use Mastercard in casinos. The reason being is that merchants are charged a receiving fee when they process a payment using credit and debit cards. What many merchants do is to pass on this fee to their consumers.

Advantages of using prepaid Mastercard for online gambling

There are multiple benefits to using a Master Card for your casino real money gambling activities. A few of these include:

  • Mastercard is one of the most popular methods of online banking for millions of vendors and hundreds of millions of customers around the world. Through your Mastercard you’ll be able to use your casino winnings to purchase goods and services anywhere, at any time.
  • Mastercard gives you the chance to play on credit, so if you’re short on funds and waiting for some money to arrive, you can still click into your casino account and enjoy casino games. Casino advisors remind you, however, that you should set a budget for your casino entertainment and stick to that bankroll.
  • By conducting your casino digital banking with MasterCard you’ll be able to enjoy high-quality, real money casino entertainment with real money achievements.
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All in all, MasterCard credit and debit cards are incredibly flexible products that come in various shapes and forms and which you can get from a wide array of outlets, many of which offer special deals in connection with such cards. In any case, they are accepted by virtually all online casinos and sportsbooks, which makes them the ideal companion for everyone who likes to play online.

For USA players, Mastercard is still an option, though you may find that you have to make a number of attempts before your deposit goes through. Many casinos advise that you make a deposit of an uneven amount – $99.50 instead of a round $100 – in order to avoid problems.

More Casino Payment Methods

Mastercard Casinos

It works this way:

  1. Bank issues a credit line to its customer.
  2. A customer gets a card.
  3. The customer goes to a store that accepts this financial brand.
  4. The merchant swipes the card and gives the product to the consumer.
  5. The merchant charges the consumer’s bank.
  6. The consumer now owes the bank what he purchased from the merchant.

The biggest concern with a payment service like this is that many people cannot get approved by banks for a credit line. And because of this, banks introduced the prepaid line. It is a process by which a customer must have a bank account, preferably checking, and this account will be tied up to a Mastercard debit card. The maximum amount that a consumer can spend is equal to the balance he has in his checking account.

People used this as a payment method to merchants who accepted the brand for online purchases. Some utility companies also accepted it so their subscribers can use it to make a payment online.

Top MasterCard Casinos in New Zealand

There are many nz online casinos that acept this credit/debet card, that makes online gambling much easier for players. Some online casinos that work with MasterCard include:

Online Casino MasterCard: Best Choice for NZ Gamblers

Top Rated Casino

a7e021c0327eb13c4b1766cc270877f6.pngPlay Now

SoftwareWelcome BonusOnline Pokies
Microgaming400$300+ casino games


  • 100% Bonus up to 400$ on 1st Deposit


  • No Free Spins After Deposit

JackpitCity Casino: offers over 450 of the hottest online casino games for Australians and New Zealand citizens. The cashier at JackpotCity is safe and secure using state of the art encryption methods. Jackpot City also offers players a NZ$1600 welcome bonus pack.

Best User Experience PayPal Casino New Zealand

78607e7b7011bf3e967006adfe133afc.pngPlay Now

SoftwareWelcome BonusOnline Pokies
Microgaming400$600+ casino games


  • 100% 1st deposit bonus to $400


  • Slower than average cash out times

: provide you with all the games you enjoy in NZ and is easy to interact in, plus it has an easy method to make payments and excellent 24/7 assistance. Platinum Play also offers a mobile experience if you prefer to play from a phone or tablet, which is really comfortible for players.

US Friendly Visa and MasterCard Casinos Debit and Credit Cards

Whether you are using the Visa or MasterCard in USA there are different kinds of cards that are available for US players. When you play with Visa and MasterCard you can use the following card options.

Visa Cards

  • Debit Cards – US gamblers can be able to make instant transactions when using this card. However, the downside is that if not properly managed, players can overdraw from the account.
  • Credit Cards – US players will be able to fund their casino account instantly with their Visa credit card and they will have to pay the bank back the money. The disadvantage is that if the money is not paid back it will accumulate interest.
  • Prepaid Cards – Players will have to load the prepaid cards and then load the casino account. Once the funds are depleted players will have to load the card.
  • Business – Usually used by high rollers at casino sites accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards. It offers the same benefits as the credit card but will much higher limits.


  • Credit Cards – Similar to the Visa credit cards, MasterCard online credit cards allow US player to load their casino account instantly and pay the bank the money back.
  • Debit Cards – There are different kinds of debit cards available for US players and can be used to load a casino account instantly.
  • Prepaid Cards – There are three different kinds of MasterCard prepaid cards. However, there is little difference in the benefits that they offer for US gamblers.
  • MasterPass – It is an easier and quicker payment option. Players can simply just tap on the pay with MasterPass to complete transactions.

How does MasterCard Work

MasterCard credit cards are issued when an account has been approved by the credit provider.


Once it has been approved, the card holder may use the card to make purchases with merchants (in this case, the casino) who accept the MasterCard. The mechanics of the credit card are quite simple.

The purchase is essentially an agreement by the credit card holder to pay MasterCard the amount of the purchase. In case of online transactions, which are known as CNP (Cardholder Not Present) transactions, the cardholder authorizes the purchase by entering a Personal Identification Number. Some casinos also accept verbal authorization via telephone. The merchant then uses an electronic verification system to ensure that the cardholder has a valid card with sufficient credit. This verification system accepts some further information from the customer including the security code, date of birth of the cardholder and other personal information.


At the end of the billing month, MasterCard issues a statement indicating the purchases, outstanding fees and the total amount owed by the cardholder. The cardholder is then obliged to pay a defined minimum amount before a certain due date.

The MasterCard Worldwide also has a debit card called MasterMoney. The debit card is also known as a checking card, and has direct access to the cardholder’s bank account. This card can be used to make online purchases, or deposit money into the casino. When used online, the MasterMoney card requires an electronic authorization of all transactions, and the debits are immediately reflected in the user’s account. These transactions are additionally secured with PIN authentication.

How Mastercard Works

Similarly to other credit and debit cards, Mastercard processes payments between the bank and credit accounts of its cardholders and the bank accounts of merchants. The company offers several types of cards and once you receive one of them, you can use it to pay for utility bills, goods, and services, as well as to withdraw cash or make online payments.

Today, the network of banks, merchants, and ATMs working with Mastercard and its brands has expanded to almost every corner of the world. Each card comes with its individual number, expiration date, and security code. Most cards also have a PIN attached to them – this is a four-digit secret number known only by the customers and entered when making in-person purchases or ATMs withdrawals. The Card Validation Code or CVC2, on the other hand, is the security code of the card, used in online payments.

Depending on the card issuer, usually a bank, Mastercard-branded cards have different fees, limits, reward, and cash back programs.


Mastercard Credit

The payment processor offers three main types of cards, namely credit, debit, and prepaid cards. In order to receive a Mastercard-branded credit card, you need to apply for it at a local bank or another card issuer. Once you are given a line of credit, it is linked with your credit card and with every purchase you make, you collect a debt. You are required to repay that credit once a month, along with a certain fee, depending on your country of residence and bank.

There are three levels of Mastercard Credit – Standard, Mastercard World, and World Elite. These credit cards are a very convenient alternative to cash payments and allow customers to make a purchase and pay later. This could pose a risk for gamblers, however, especially for those who are less attentive and disciplined in managing their finances. For many casino players, debit cards are a much better option.


Mastercard Debit

This is a typical debit card, which is linked to the bank/checking account of the customer. Once you apply for it at your bank, you will receive it within a week and will have instant access to the funds in your account. You can use the Mastercard Debit card just like cash – at various local stores and merchants, at restaurants, ATMs, etc.

Of course, you can use it for online shopping and gambling, as well. The main difference between the debit and the credit card is that with Mastercard Debit, you spend only the money you have available. This is particularly useful in online gambling – this type of card helps with your bankroll management. There are three types of debit cards, as well, Standard, Enhanced and World Debit.


Mastercard Prepaid

Mastercard also offers its customers prepaid cards, as well as prepaid gift and travel cards, which can be used as one-time gift vouchers or as reloadable cash cards. They are easy to get as there is no bank account or credit check required. You can have your paycheck sent directly to your Mastercard Prepaid card, while the funds in it can be used for shopping, paying bills or depositing into online casinos.



Masterpass is MastercardвЂs digital wallet, available to users with one of several types of credit or debit cards – Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and Diners Club International. Residents of around 35 countries can currently sign up for the e-wallet. The list of supported countries and territories include Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Brazil, China, Turkey, Russia, South Africa, Italy, Japan, Norway, and others.

This is much more than a regular e-wallet – with Masterpass, you can pay in-store by contactless transfers, online or in apps. To get it, you need to visit the official website of the service, enter your email or mobile number, and then, fill up your credit card information. The last step is to provide a billing address and choose a password. In order to use the service at checkouts, you need to install the Masterpass app from Google Play to your phone. The app allows you to shop quickly, securely and conveniently at thousands of brick-and-mortar stores around the world.


The MasterCard Product Range

When playing at one of the many MasterCard casinos, players will want to be aware of the entire product range that they will be able to use to their advantage.

1. MasterCard Credit Card

The MasterCard credit card is provided by a multitude of companies that offer different interest rates and repayment terms. It is up to clients to determine which product will suit their needs best, but many of them are perfect for online gambling. These credit cards require that players make regular payments on them, but they also tend to have much higher limits than their competitors, which make them more appealing.

2. MasterCard Debit Card

The MasterCard debit card is another appealing option for online players, although this limits players to spending only the amount they have deposited into their accounts. This facility is offered by various financial institutions.

3. MasterCard Gift Card

The MasterCard gift card allows casino players to set strict limits when playing and this is something that appeals to many who prefer to play in MasterCard casinos. Overspending tends to be one of the disadvantages when playing with a MasterCard and this more than makes up for it.

4. MasterCard Pre-Paid Card

The Pre-paid MasterCard allows players to load a certain amount onto their card before using this amount to make a deposit into their online casino account. This product allows players to set limits on how much they want to spend when playing online.

Using Mastercard at Online Casinos

Mastercard is an extremely popular deposit method at online casinos because transactions from it are processed immediately. The card is easy to use and besides, most casino players have already used at several credit or debit cards of this brand and are perfectly familiar with the interface of the payment platform. It is not available as an option in all casinos, however, especially if they are tailored to US-based customers.

Due to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA), casino deposits from Mastercard may be declined. This inconvenience happens occasionally to players from the United States as the legislation prohibits banks and other financial institutions from handling payments to gambling merchants. The ban is the reason for another, a much more common disadvantage of Mastercard – that most casinos do not pay out winnings to these cards.


Funding Your Casino Account with Mastercard

Those who decide to make a casino deposit via Mastercard should find no difficulties as long as the online casino accepts these cards as a payment method. To fund your gaming balance, you need to sign into your casino account and the Banking/Cashier page of the casino site. There, you will find a complete list of all deposit and withdrawal methods available. You will need to opt for Mastercard or simply credit/debit card and enter the amount of cash you wish to deposit.

The casino would require basic card details such as the card number, expiration date, and the CVC2 code, as well as your name. Once you confirm the transaction, the deposit will immediately show up in your casino balance and you will be able to play for real money. On occasions, the deposit may take up to an hour, depending on the particular casino.

There may also be a fee, although most gaming sites process deposits for free. Casinos may add a surcharge that is typically between 1.5% and 3% for deposits made with Mastercard Credit. There will be no surcharge with Mastercard-branded debit and prepaid cards. When it comes to the minimum and maximum amounts of money you can deposit per transaction, the limits usually depend on the casino. Still, you will not be able to transfer less than $10 using Mastercard, while usually, the maximum limit is $4,000 per transaction. Typically, transactions over $2,000 require verification of the userвЂs identity.

One important thing to note is that when using credit or debit cards, including Mastercard, casino players should provide the same personal information that is on the card. In other words, if the name of the cardholder is different from the name of the user account, the transaction would be blocked.


Withdrawing Funds to Mastercard

As explained above, Mastercard is not usually available for withdrawals of casino winnings because the company has a very restrictive policy regarding gambling. It does allow card payments to and from gaming merchants but only if they are regulated and taxed in the United States. In case, you cannot cash out your winnings to your Mastercard, you need to consider alternative options like digital wallets, courier checks, etc.

Some online casinos, however, have found a way to circumvent this ban – instead of listing the transaction as a “gaming transaction”, they categorize it as e-commerce. This clever scheme may allow you to deposit and then withdraw your winnings to a Mastercard-branded card. The process is basically the same as the deposit via Mastercard – you need to enter the card number, the CVC2 code, as well as the month and the year when your card is due to expire.

Once you confirm the withdrawal, the funds will be available in your card within 3 to 5 business days. Certain fees also apply. Usually, the fee would be around 2.5% of the transferred amount, but you need to check the rules of the casino for any additional information. Each transaction would come with some limits, determined by the casino.

There are a few other things casino players should remember. First of all, gaming sites would put the withdrawal in a pending status for a period of 12 to 72 hours. During this time, patrons have the option to cancel the payment and continue to play with the money. Another factor that would probably delay your first withdrawal from a particular casino is the verification process. Most casinos verify the identity of their patrons before paying them out by requiring documents such as a copy of an ID (passport, driverвЂs license) and a copy of a utility bill, which acts as a proof of the physical address of the user.


History of MasterCard

MasterCard began in 1966 under the name “Master Charge: The Interbank Card” when four different financial institutions came together to create their own credit-based competition for Bank of America. These institutions were Wells Fargo, The Bank of California, The United California Bank, and Crocker National Bank. In 1969, the First National City Bank merged its Everything Card with “Master Charge”. In 1979, the name was eventually changed to MasterCard. Neither Visa nor MasterCard were the first charge cards, as that distinction goes to the Diners Club card that’s stilled used by certain online casinos these days. Over the years, MasterCard has continued to merge with other successful international card organizations, such as British Access Card and Europay International SA (Eurocard). In 2006, the payment cards changed its official name to MasterCard Worldwide, due to its expanding global reach.

Over the years, many debit cards have been issued, including Switch, Solo, Everything, and Eurocard. Switch and Solo have since been merged into the Maestro debit card by MasterCard. Services such as MarketPlace and PayPass continue to be offered by some card issuers. The list fo financial institutions associated with MasterCard are countless: Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Washington Mutual, Westpac, Capital One, Garanti Bnak, Commonwealth Bank, and BNP Paribas–to name a small few. The wealth and power of the “duopoly” of MasterCard and Visa have had their share of critics, including Wal-Mart in the USA (which joined a class-action lawsuit in 1996) and officials of the European Union. EU officials were particularly incensed by the power shown by MasterCard in the Wikileaks case, in which some criticized the US charge network with stopping European citizens from paying Euro corporations. Talk of a SEPA card, or Single-Euro Payments Area credit card, even surfaced.

All of this of this underscores the reach, scope, and power of MasterCard in the worldwide economy. If you hold a MasterCard credit or debit card, it’s likely to be the only money transfer option you’d ever need for online gambling. I’ll discuss the casino operations which use MasterCard below, though the short rejoinder is that 98% of the Internet casinos use MasterCard.

Disadvantages to using MasterCard

One of the biggest issues Mastercard users are facing is having their credit card withdrawals declined. This is to be explained with Mastercard’s policies we talked about earlier where the payment network recognizes payments from unauthorized gambling websites to players from specific jurisdictions. Because of this, some casinos accepting these cards for deposits will not support them for withdrawals and would prompt you to look for another way to cash out. This can be quite the inconvenience for some players.

Using a credit card at some online casinos may subject you to extra charges for withdrawals so you need to consider this prior to choosing Mastercard as a payment method. As we mentioned, these fees are usually negligible but we still recommend you to contact your Mastercard issuer to receive additional information on how much you will have to pay in extra charges.

Seeing as how transactions are so simple may cause you to play more than you actually would and make you overstep your budget. This is a credit card after all, so there is the chance that you end up spending way more than you actually have and find yourself heavily in debt. You must always keep this in mind. Going over your credit limit will incur extra fees which will pile on over time. Of course, this issue is easily solved by applying for a debit Mastercard or using a prepaid one.

Some casinos offer very handsome reload bonuses for players depositing with MasterCard. These bonuses may include credit to your casino balance, a percentage of the deposited sum or free attempts at playing their games. Either way free stuff is always nice.

C выводом денег через MasterCard из казино ситуация обстоит сложнее

Для того чтобы совершить депозит в онлайн казино с помощью пластиковой карты Mastercard достаточно просто зайти в раздел пополнения счета, выбрать соответствующий вид платежной системы и указать желаемую сумму. Так же вас попросят ввести имя и фамилию владельца карты, номер карты, ее конечный срок действия, и специальный трехзначный код CVV2.

Как правило, перевод средств происходит довольно быстро. А вот с выводом денег из казино ситуация обстоит сложнее. Дело в том, что большинство онлайн казино не переводят выигрыш на карту Mastercard, в лучшем случае могут перевести только сумму депозита, а для вывода оставшихся денег придется воспользоваться другими методами.

Необходимость указывать конфиденциальные данные карты при пополнении депозита смущает многих игроков и заставляет их пользоваться альтернативными платежными методами, например системами электронных платежей. Однако нужно отметить, что компания Mastercard имеет надежную систему защиты средств своих клиентов. Кроме того, не стоит использовать банковские карты в неизвестных или не вызывающих доверие онлайн казино.

Плюсами использования Mastercard в онлайн казино можно считать быстроту перевода средств, возможность использовать ее во многих онлайн казино и простоту в использовании.

К минусам относятся невозможность вывода выигрыша на эту карту и необходимость указывать конфиденциальные данные при пополнении депозита.

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